Become a star fundraiser in the rare reality

If Rare Disease UK succeeds in its aims, we will improve treatment, care and support for everyone affected by rare diseases. This is why we need your support, find out more about where your money goes and how to send it to us here.

Stars and sprinkles

Become a bake sale star at your school or workplace for the rare reality, get your sprinkles and glitter to the ready with star themed cakes and biscuits.

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Party with the stars

Host your own exclusive party and have your guests dress as their favourite star. This can be a celebrity, a member of the Royal Family or even someone who is a star to you! Don’t forget to send us your photos.

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Star quiz

Host a star themed quiz in your office, class or local pub to raise money and awareness for Rare Disease Day. Do you know which sweets were renamed as ‘Starburst’? Or why planets don’t twinkle?

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Walk under the stars

Why not do a sponsored walk or run under the stars? Put on all your reflective gear to raise money and awareness for Rare Disease Day!

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Dress to impress

Why not get sponsored to wear fancy dress into work/school? You could dress up as a star and get your colleagues to join you and form your own constellation!

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Do it yourself

Do you have your own idea on how to support Rare Disease Day? Do you want skydive, swim the English Channel or cycle around the world? We are open to any innovative ideas, no matter how big or small. Please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you.

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